All throughout my undergraduate studies in painting and printmaking, I kept thinking about moving pictures. I knew that once I started my graduate studies that film and video would play an important role in my growth as an artist.  I jumped right in and found myself very comfortable working on multiple film productions throughout the year. I’ve also participated in a few 24 Hour Video Races in Dallas, Texas; there is never a dull moment!

I enjoy all aspects of the film-making process, and have taken on roles from director to cable wrangler with complete joy.


My first short film, Latchkey, was shot on Super 16mm film. It was accepted into several local and national film festivals.

I was the producer for Helado, a short film directed by Gabriel Duran. I also have a brief cameo with my daughter. Sometimes, you need an extra!

I was a production assistant and helped with the set for Technophiliac, a short film produced by the UT Arlington narrative film class.

The Legend of Wyoming Phillips was a lot of fun to work on. It’s also a short film produced by the UT Arlington narrative film class. I assisted with art direction, props and sound.


Incommodious is a video animation made from a series of contour drawings.

Coney Island Sway is a unique dual video combination that was edited to be viewed vertically on a digital photo frame. The imagery was all shot on Super 8mm film in Coney Island, NY.

Winter with Miguel was shot on Super 8mm on a snowy day in Brooklyn, NY.


You are here is an experimental short video with imagery from the NY subway and the Natural Museum of History in New York, NY.

Subterranean Shuffle is a dark, gritty experimental film shot on Super 8mm film in a New York City Subway.


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