Mapping It Out: Social Media Strategy in Higher Ed

I’m often asked how I manage to keep up with social media for my area. In my Mapping It Out: Social Media Strategy in Higher Ed presentation I’ve put together a simple strategy that can work for creating engaging social media activity and help build connections with students and influencers alike.

Here is the abstract:

Feeling lost when it comes to social media? The truth is that social media can be incredibly overwhelming, but it can also be an incredible tool for making connections. Engaging with this generation of students requires social media outreach and engagement. Whether you’re considering Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or others, a formal strategy provides a foundation for increased student and influencer involvement for new and well-established programs. Learn how to apply social media strategy best practices borrowed from the business world: create a strategy map, discover social media management options, develop a content plan and participate in a live Twitter chat.

During the session I place emphasis on 3 main questions to ask before creating social media accounts.

  1. WHY should people engage with your content and become part of your community?
    • Hint: Because YOU (college, department, office, etc.) are a leader in your field. You have ______________ that will add value to your students’ lives.
  2. HOW do you want people to engage with your content?
    • Online Conversations? Asking Questions? Sharing Experiences with Photos, Links or Videos?
  3. WHAT will you say to your community?
    • Stories? Facts? Profiles? Messages?

I cover the following web tools:

Here’s an example of a Pablo image:


I have received several questions about the amount of time put into managing social media and my best answer is to start small, make a plan (include your supervisor), then do what you can with what you have available (time and resources). The workload will be heavier on the front end, but once you choose a social media management tool like Hootesuite or Buffer and have your Social Media Calendar set up it’s much easier and far less time consuming. I think it’s important to remember that social media is just another tool to help higher education professionals connect with students, and it is not a one way street. If it’s not engaging for you, it will not be engaging for the student.

I’ve made the Prezi available to the public at Mapping It Out: Social Media Strategy in Higher Ed. Please check it out, leave feedback and feel free to share the information.

I hope that you found the information useful.

For more social media fun follow me on Twitter: @AdvisorSoyla.





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